Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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West Meade / Hillwood Crimes



 The West Meade mansion was built in 1886 by U.S. Supreme Court Judge Howell Jackson and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of General William G. Harding, of the Belle Meade mansion.

The West Meade area was originally owned by Mrs. Jackson - a gift from her father.  In the early to mid 1950s, the property was subdivided and developed into the West Meade and Hillwood neighborhoods.  The houses in West Meade and Hillwood are all unique and individual, having been built at different times by the individual owners.  Lots range from 0.5 acres to 6 acres, but the average home in West Meade has just over an acre of land.

If you take a drive through the West Meade neighborhhood, two things will stick out as uniquely pleasant - the quiet and the large trees.   Many of the trees were here long before the 50s, and still stand tall.  Also, there is a beautiful natural spring creek, complete with waterfalls and rapids,  that runs beside Jocelyn Hollow.


Why Register on the West Meade Community Site?

Membership is Free!  Just register to have access to the community social page, discussion groups, announcements, neighborhood information, and contact with your neighbors.  West-Meade.org is meant to be a communication conduit between West Meade neighbors.  It will only be as useful as we make it. 

There are other sites claiming to be built for the neighborhood, but they are automatically built sites, and are not monitored or modified by your neighbors.  This site is developed and improved by one of your neighbors.  I develop websites for neighborhood associations (homeownerweb.net ) and non-profit organizations, and decided to create one for my own neighbors.  More questions?  Email Paul!





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What's New

Hi Neighbors!

As you probably know, the West-Meade.org web site has been unattended for a while now.  The creation of the West Meade Neighborhood Association, which occurred in 2013, was coincidental with the use of NextDoor and Facebook as the preferred communication/community collaboration method, so this site was redundant, and not attended to (although the Crime info was continually updated).  However, it has now been reinstated in order to bring you news about some positive activity that is going on in the neighborhood. 

After years of inactivity, on September 22, some community members came together to discuss the possibility of combining two dormant neighborhood associations - the Hillwood NA and the West Meade NA.  Although no conclusions were made, there was a positive commitment to begin trying to bring our neighbors together to see if there is interest in reviving these two organizations, and making them more relevant and effective as useful community organizations.

There will be an email distributed, along with a poll to determine the best time to start some neighborhood organizational meetings.  If you are interested in being a part of a new, revived neighborhood group geared more toward our needs, stay tuned.  Or send me a note.  Or give us a call.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

Paul & Sheryl Garland