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 The West Meade mansion was built in 1886 by U.S. Supreme Court Judge Howell Jackson and his wife, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of General William G. Harding, of the Belle Meade mansion.

The West Meade area was originally owned by Mrs. Jackson - a gift from her father.  In the early to mid 1950s, the property was subdivided and developed into the West Meade and Hillwood neighborhoods.  The houses in West Meade and Hillwood are all unique and individual, having been built at different times by the individual owners.  Lots range from 0.5 acres to 6 acres, but the average home in West Meade has just over an acre of land.

If you take a drive through the West Meade neighborhhood, two things will stick out as uniquely pleasant - the quiet and the large trees.   Many of the trees were here long before the 50s, and still stand tall.  Also, there is a beautiful natural spring creek, complete with waterfalls and rapids,  that runs beside Jocelyn Hollow.


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Membership is Free!  Just register to have access to the community social page, discussion groups, announcements, neighborhood information, and contact with your neighbors. is meant to be a communication conduit between West Meade neighbors.  It will only be as useful as we make it. 

There are other sites claiming to be built for the neighborhood, but they are automatically built sites, and are not monitored or modified by your neighbors.  This site is developed and improved by one of your neighbors.  I develop websites for neighborhood associations and non-profit organizations, and decided to create one for my own neighbors.  More questions?  Email Paul!





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I have been looking into the possibility of starting a neighborhood watch for West Meade once our Neighborhood Association has been successfully re-established. Our neighborhood consists of roughly 1800 homes.

There are only five steps to creating a neighborhood watch program. You can easily find these online using the Google Search feature. The main thing is having willing volunteers participate in it on an irregular rotation schedule. We have a large geographical area that is home to a beautiful tree canopy and heavy landscaping (which, consequently, causes a unique coverage challenge in providing sufficient awareness).

Our efforts would best be served, in my opinion, by dividing West Meade into sections on either side of Brook Hollow Road - the main thoroughfare between Highway 70 S and Charlotte Pike. I am about to make a huge assumption that many homes in this neighborhood, like ours, have some type of alert system installed and possibly hooked up to one of several monitoring companies.

Given that there have been several recent suspicious and, in a few cases, criminal incidents in the West Meade and neighboring Hillwood communities, we are faced with this question - “How do we best protect our homes?” This type program involves affected homeowners, the West Precinct Police Department, surrounding neighbors and the specific block captains and/or section chiefs. These volunteer heads of a block or section would serve as representatives to both the wider neighborhood population and the local authorities and the affected homeowners.

It should be a necessity for us to get to know as many neighbors as possible to not only unify us as a community but to help keep each other from being compromised.

Sheryl Garland